You can never go wrong with a 21ST Century Bank VISA Gift Card. It's a perfect gift!

The VISA prepaid card is the gift with no strings attached. VISA debit cards are accepted worldwide, making it the ideal way to say "Thanks", "Congratulations", "Happy Birthday" or simply, "Happy Shopping" to colleagues, clients, friends, and family –– and they're available in single or large quantities.

Visit any one of our 21ST Century Bank locations to purchase a 21ST Century Bank VISA Gift Card in any amount from $20.00 to $500.00 and your gift-giving worries are over! (All sales are final and are subject to a purchase fee. Not FDIC insured.)

Have a problem with your card?
Call the customer service number on the back of the card at 1-866-874-9029. You will have a greater chance of resolving/explaining the issue by calling immediately after you notice that a problem has occurred.

Some useful tips on resolving issues:

Tip 1): When a card is declined because of insufficient funds. In this scenario, the issue can be resolved by having the merchant conduct a split transaction. A split transaction is when the cardholder uses two means of payment for a purchase. In order for this to work, the cardholder must use a different means of payment first, and then use the card to pay the remaining balance. Example: For a $30 purchase on a $25 card, the cardholder should first pay $5 using a different means, then use the card to pay the remaining $25.

Tip 2): Why was a card declined at a restaurant or hotel when funds appeared to be sufficient? As with all credit cards, certain merchants may add a tolerance to the bill for possible tips (restaurants, 20%) or possible incidentals (hotels, 15%). As an example, if a cardholder dines or receives take-out from a restaurant, the merchant applies an additional hold of 20% of the bill for possible tips. Therefore on a $10 bill, $2 is held for tips. If no tip is left, the $2 will become available after the merchant has posted the transaction, usually the next day.

VISA Gift Cards

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